Nika Elugardo on Her Victory, Legislative Goals and Who Told Her She Won

Even though media had already declared Nika Elugardo the winner of the 15th Suffolk District state representative race, she wasn't ready to declare victory. The holdup was a pesky broken ballot box in one precinct and Elugardo needed to know the final vote tally across the district. But it wasn't until she got a phone call from a certain politician congratulating her on being victorious that let her know she won. Within a short time the ballot box was fixed and Elugardo took home 52 percent of the vote to incumbent Jeffrey Sánchez's 47 percent, making her victory one of the biggest upsets in recent Massachusetts election history! And that phone call? It was a voicemail message from Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo, said Elugardo to Jamaica Plain News.


Letter: Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Jeffrey Sanchez

Here are my Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Jeffrey Sanchez. 1. As the newly appointed chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, Jeffrey Sanchez is the highest ranking Latino politician in the history of Massachusetts. A recent report on Latinos from USA Today states: “By a number of socioeconomic measures – poverty, income, educational attainment, unemployment, and incarceration – Massachusetts has the worst inequality between its white and Hispanic residents of any state in the U.S.” We need Jeffrey in a leadership position to address this gross inequity. 2.


Poll: Sánchez vs Elugardo — Who Are You Voting For?

State representative races are usually sleepy affairs. The incumbent is often unopposed in the primary, maybe they face an also-ran candidate or a perennial candidate. This is not the case for this year's 15th Suffolk District state rep race in which incumbent Jeffrey Sánchez is challenged by Nika Elugardo. Sánchez was first elected in 2003, and is in the first year of being the chair of the powerful House Committee on Ways and Means. Elugardo was not a novice to the local political scene, having been a senior policy advisor to state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz (D-2nd Suffolk).


Letter: Jeffrey Sánchez is My Friend

Jeffrey Sánchez is my friend. And like most of my friends, we share a vision that government be a force for good and progress; moving forward laws and policies that make equity, equality, and simple human justice possible. Jeffrey Sánchez was raised in the Washington Heights section of New York City and his developmental years in public housing in Mission Hill. Jeff has spent his entire life working to make opportunity and a decent chance at life a reality for all. Jeffrey Sánchez has never forgotten his roots.