Which Suffolk County DA Candidate Has The Most Campaign $$?

Money isn't everything. But it's something. Especially when it comes to political campaigns. Candidates can reach a broader audience by using their campaign funds to repeatedly advertise, host events and more. So who's got the most money in the bank among the five Suffolk County District Attorney candidates?


JP Candidate’s Forum with Congressman Capuano on May 20

Congressman Michael Capuano will be in Jamaica Plain this Sunday to participate in a JP Progressives' candidate forum at Doyle's Cafe. Capuano was first elected to Congress for the 8th District in 1999, and after redistricting he was elected to represent the 7th District in 2013. This fall Capuano is being challenged in the Democratic primary by At-Large Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley. This forum is being hosted by JP Progressives, who invites the public to ask Capuano questions through slido.com (code #5492). Pressley previously participated in a JP Progressives candidate forum this year, and a video of that forum is viewable here.


Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Election Results

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council held its election this past Saturday and the new council members will take their seats at the next council meeting on May 22. The JPNC can have up to 20 members comprised of five at-large candidates and five candidates from three different areas. But this council will have 18 members because only four candidates ran for Areas A and B.

There were 301 ballots cast, two were disqualified because those voters' residency could not be confirmed and six ballots were tossed because they didn't provide an address and/or name. The committee chair, vice-chair, secretary/treasurer will be elected by council members by the second meeting following the election. The next JPNC meeting is on Tuesday, May 22 at 7 pm at the Farnsworth House (90 South St.).


Bios for All Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Candidates: Election April 28th

There will only be one contested race in the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council elections being held on April 28th. There can be up to 20 council members, but only 19 candidates are on the ballot. The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) consists up to 20 members: five at-large councilors, and five from three different geographical areas. Each council term runs for two years and the chair of the council is chosen by the other council members. There are four candidates running for Area A, six running for Area B, four running for Area C and five running at-large.


Q&A: State Rep. Candidate Elugardo Pushing for Progressive Legislation, Leadership at State House

Jamaica Plain resident Nika Elugardo is running as a Democratic challenger to state Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez for the 15th Suffolk/Norfolk District. She spoke about why she's running, how she helped people stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure, that there's too much progressive legislation sitting in the House Ways and Means Committee chaired by Sanchez and more. Q: Why are you running to be the state representative for the 15th Suffolk/Norfolk District? Elugardo: I want the values and policies of our district to be fiercely represented on Beacon Hill. To name some high priority examples:

Fully and smartly funded education
Health care for all -- this means single payer
Affordable housing that benefits all and not just developers and high earners
Fair wages for all workers, including a $15 per hour minimum wage

I will represent all four neighborhoods (Brookline, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, and Roslindale) leveraging the experience, intellect, talent and passion of our neighbors across our district.