Kendra Hicks Receives $31K in First Month of Fundraising for District Council Seat

Boston City Council District 6 candidate Kendra Hicks took in an impressive $31,492 in her first month of fundraising. Hicks announced her candidacy for the district seat in September and had 414 individual donations, according to the campaign's ActBlue account that she shared with Jamaica Plain News. So she collected that total in less than a full month. Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance's (OCPF) website reported she received $24,379. But that difference is due to a lag in reporting because of USPS delays for the checks, said Hicks.


Jamaica Plain’s Alex Gray Running for At-Large Council Seat

Jamaica Plain resident Alex Gray, who's dedicated his entire professional career to public service, is running to be a At-Large Boston City Councilor. Gray would be the first-ever blind Boston City Councilor. Born with a genetic condition that caused him to begin losing his vision at eight, he learned to adapt to a world not designed for all people. He had to fight for himself to stay in a traditional public school while in middle school amid protests from administrators. This experience made him understand the value of special education and how important it is to students and their family.


Councilor Andrea Campbell Announces Mayoral Candidacy

District 4 City Councilor Andrea Campbell has thrown her hat into the ring to be the next mayor of Boston. "In this profound moment of reckoning for our country and our city, as people rise up to demand change, Boston needs leadership that not only understands, but has lived the systemic inequities facing our residents every day," said Campbell on her campaign site. "I’m running for Mayor to be that leader, to confront racism head-on, eradicate inequities, and finally make Boston a City that works for everyone." Campbell was the first the first Black woman to serve as Boston City Council president, and was long rumored to be running for mayor. Campbell announced her candidacy on Thursday in front of 1850 Washington St.


Kendra Hicks to Challenge O’Malley in Boston City Council Race

Kendra Hicks has been involved in many local JP organizations, including the Hyde Square Task Force, Wake Up The Earth Festival, and Spontaneous Celebrations through her 31 years of life. Combine those experiences with her professional career, and Hicks believes she can knock off a longtime incumbent to be the next District 6 City Councilor. Hicks aims to face incumbent Matt O'Malley in 2021's election cycle. "Kendra is a proud first-generation Black Dominican woman, a mother, a wife, and artist. Kendra’s story is the story of District 6, a story about community, creativity, and collective power.


Boston City Councilors Look to Cap Food Delivery Service Fees

Three Boston City Councilors are looking to decrease the exorbitant fees that the four major food delivery service companies charge. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, sit-down restaurants were making the majority of their revenue from customers dining in. But things have changed since restaurants can now only offer takeout or delivery. Restaurants are known for operating on razor thin margins, and the pandemic has exacerbated profit margins. "We want to limit the percentage of delivery fee these firms are doing.