Walking Tour of Woodbourne

Come walk with us through this well-known corner of JP. This neighborhood developed from 19th-century summer estates into a model suburban enclave. It contains examples representative of New England architecture with designs by local architects and builders. It also contains an unusual garden city model housing development by the Boston Dwelling House Company which was founded in 1912. Please note: tours will be given based on the current COVID 19 directives from the City of Boston and the Commonwealth.

Jamaica Plain’s Connections to the History of Baseball

The beginnings of baseball in Boston and its first connection to Jamaica Plain are found with Harry Wright and his brother George. Harry was born in England. George, 13 years his junior, was born in New York City. Their father, Samuel, was a professional cricket player in New York and both boys started with that sport before switching to baseball. Harry played and managed the Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first professional baseball team, to a run of 76 consecutive victories during the 1869 and 1870 seasons.


The China Trade

Rescheduled from spring 2020, this Jamaica Plain Historical Society talk will now be held virtually. At a moment when our country has been facing great divisions, Prof. Dane Morrison of Salem State University will discuss how Americans forged a national identity after the War of Independence. After breaking free from British rule, American identity had more to do with sailing to the East than trekking into the West.  Private  journals, letters, ships’ logs, memoirs, and newspaper accounts help trace America’s earliest encounters on a global stage. This talk will particularly focus on the travels of the Forbes family, from Jamaica Plain to China. Free and open to the public. This talk will be virtual and we ask that you please pre-register so that we can send you the link and other event details: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-china-trade-tickets-133127843965

How to Find Out the History of Your House and Lot

The following article was originally published on the Jamaica Plain Historical Society and being republished with permission from JPHS. A Guide to Boston Information Sources
Since records for your house and lot go by city and county respectively, any JP resident checking on these topics must be aware of our area’s history. Jamaica Plain has never been a separate political entity but rather a part of the Town of Roxbury from its founding in 1630 until 1851, when it became a part of the Town of West Roxbury during its existence from 1851 until 1874. When that town was annexed by Boston in 1874, all the municipal records of West Roxbury were taken over by the City of Boston, which had already annexed Roxbury in 1868. In the matter of counties also Jamaica Plain has gone back and forth—a rarity in Massachusetts cities and towns.


Remarkable Photos of Leon Abdalian

Rescheduled from spring 2020, this Jamaica Plain Historical Society talk will now be held virtually. The photographer Leon Hampartzoum Abdalian was born in 1884 in what was Cilician Armenia, then located in the Ottoman Empire (now modern Turkey). He migrated with his family to the United States in April of 1896 and they eventually settled in Jamaica Plain. It is believed that he was largely self-taught as a photographer. For most of the time he was photographing (1913 -1967) he also worked full-time as a conductor on the Boston Elevated Railway.