Stonybrook Neighborhood Association to Vote on Stonley Road Proposal and Host Potluck on Monday

The Stonybrook Neighborhood Association will be holding a brief meeting on Monday, Dec. 12th in which they will vote on a Stonley Road proposal for a four-story residential building. A potluck will follow the business agenda. The current proposal for the site is a 4-story, 28-unit rental residential building situated on 30,720 square feet with 23 below-grade parking spaces. In November the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) board of directors recommended the authorization of a certification of approval in accordance with Article 80E, which is required for this project.

Stonybrook Neighborhood Association Outlines Development Vision for Area

The Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) voted overwhelmingly on April 11 to adopt its 10-page The Neighborhood Vision for Washington Street. The Vision is a document that includes retail, commercial, open space and public realm recommendations. It addresses height, scale and density for the neighborhood. The Vision is in response to the JP-Rox Plan recommendations for the Washington Street corridor in which SNA members have been active. It is the result of many SNA Washington Street Corridor subcommittee meetings led by Bill Reyelt, Jennifer Uhrhane, Kate Ziegler and Ruth Page, among others.

Map of project area plus nearby parcels

Neighborhood Group Calls for Redesign of Proposed Stonley Road Apartment Building

[Editor's note: The following is a letter from the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association to the Boston Redevelopment Authority and local politicians.]

76 Stonley Road Issues Statement
prepared by the 76 Stonley Road Subcommittee of the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA)

Background and Summary
76 Stonley Road is a proposal by developers John Morrissey, Bryan Austin and Michael Forde for a 5.5 story 32-unit apartment building. The proposal involves a portion of the Stonybrook Neighborhood currently zoned as and used for industrial purposes. A potential transformation in this area, from industrial to residential, represents a significant opportunity to provide additional housing in an established and increasingly popular neighborhood that is pedestrian friendly and well served by the MBTA. Any proposal for this area should reflect these facts, respecting the existing uses and planning adequately for the future. The project as currently proposed poses a number of problems in this regard and fails to fully live up to the site’s potential.

Letter: Stonybrook Neighborhood Association Has No Position on Development at Former Fried Chicken Place

Dear Editor,

We would like to clarify the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association’s position on the project at 3383-3389 Washington St. (Feb. 9, Neighborhood Committee Okays Fried Chicken Place's Mixed-Use Transformation). Specifically, we have no position. The developers may have met with individual SNA members but the SNA has not negotiated the details of this project in any official capacity, and does not support a statement such as “We’re very much in favor of this project.”

This statement was made by an individual who is a member of the SNA (having owned property within our boundaries) but is not an official spokesperson.